bigstock-writer-s-block-24196490Sometimes we, as writers, get stuck in a rut so profound it doesn’t feel like anything can pluck us out from its depths. This hell is also known as writers block. We search and search for a trigger, something that will provide inspiration and get our creative juices flowing once again. But sometimes that isn’t possible and our own minds can become our worst enemies. Creating a wall so thick, we wonder if this is the end of the line. So, what do you do when you’ve tried every trick in the book to inspire creativity and nothing works?

You throw in the towel and start on a new dream.

Not really. But you do take a break. Pack up your Macbook and find another hobby… at least for a while.

In past articles I have touched on finding inspiration in the world around you. Using devices to tap into a blocked geyser of ingenuity. But in this week’s installment, I am telling you that some things need to rest and that includes your big brain. Take a break, give it a rest, dial it down and give your thoughts a breather. It could last a minute, a day or a year, but honestly the other option is struggle and ultimate disappointment

Sometimes leaving the current story and beginning a new one is all the ol’ noggin really needs. Space – a separation. I mean absence does make the heart grow fonder. So, if you remove yourself from the trouble for a bit you will not only offer your thinking cap some respite, but you also put some space between you and your words. This gives you a fresh start when you finally decide to put pen to paper again and it also provides a new perspective on something that may have subliminally become stale.

I’ve already mentioned starting a new story, but often times the block is so thick, a complete shut off from the art is necessary. Try reading instead. Go outside your genre and read things that don’t involve similar plot lines, because you don’t want to muddy the water. If you write New Adult, move to Mystery. Another idea is to move away from the writing/reading world entirely and start filling that time by watching movies or listening to or making music. Painting would work as would sculpting or jewelry making. But you get the idea. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure you are continuing to flex your creative muscles.

Once you have rested, relaxed and regrouped, pick up that Macbook (or PC – shutter) and get back to work because time is a wasting!

Sara O'Connor
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