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bigstock-Thinking-outside-the-box-word--26275160EXTENDED 2 days!

We have gotten some great submissions, but want more. So we are giving you till Tuesday to turn in your work. 

Gliterary Girl is rolling out  a monthly writing challenge where in two weeks, if we get sufficient entries, one lucky winner will get their work posted on the site with a plug for their coming or already released work (if applicable) and win a prize (not telling, just yet, what the prize will be). The challenge will have three phases. The rules, the second round and the winner post.

Here’s how it works. Below is a writing assignment which states what you are to do. Once you are finished, you need to send an email (through the contact page) to us and include your final draft, due by Friday 3pm PST. Next week, we will post five (if we can get five of you involved) of the best candidates submissions and the third week will be the live post and giveaway.

Here are the rules and remember you MUST follow the word count guidelines exactly or you will be disqualified.

Write – Edit – Repeat 

Think of an idea for a short story or scene, and then draft a quick outline of the overall structure. This scene/story needs to have a traditional beginning, middle and end, including exposition, rising action, climax and resolution. You can use as many pages as you need in this section, but remember not to get too carried away, this will end up being a very short story. If you don’t outline and instead use another tool to gather your thoughts, feel free to apply whatever method that is most comfortable.

Next, write your story/scene using only 700 words. No more, no less. Word count is important because it prevents you from getting carried away. Do not go over the limit.


Now, take that seven-hundred-word piece and cut it, rewrite it, analyze it and snip it so that the whole thing fits on a 4×6 card (approx). Since you won’t be able to turn in an actual postcard for this challenge, please edit your 700 word story down to 300 words. No more no less. You must still have a complete story in your finished product.

Email the results and if you want to show us how well you did… email both the original and the edited one.

Thanks for your participation and we look forward to reading your work!

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