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Vector Trendy Lollipop BackgroundLast week we presented everyone with several writing challenge entries and the Gliterary Girl staff have chosen a winner. It was close… very close but there was only one piece that received the most votes.

Here is what the challenge entailed.

First the rules:

Writers took a 700 word story and cut it down to 300 words (no more, no less). It’s was an exercise in editing and we (not including Sara) decided who deserves the grand prize.

Before we announce the winner, we want to say thank you to all the authors and this decision was truly difficult as you are all skilled writers.


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Beyond the Veil

by Christy Sloat

“Come one come all! Come see the sights, come see who’s standing behind the veil…”

The shops front window ad struck me in a way that made me want to see the veil . The veil between the living and the dead. I pushed opened the door hearing the clever ding of a bell. No one came, not yet. I looked around the store letting my curiosity fly. Several boxes holding tarot cards, Ouija boards, and other non-sense items sat on all the shelves. This was a store for tricks, not a true place to see beyond the veil as it promised.

I found an old stack of photographs sitting in a pile at the desk by the register. Without even thinking I picked them up and went through them. No one was around to see me, or tell me whether I could or not. So I rifled through the black and whites. At first they were normal, nothing odd. Then one stood out among the rest, a young girl lifted off a table. No strings, no body to hold her up. She was floating.

“May I help you?” I dropped the photos on the ground at the sound of the voice. A woman about the age of my mother came into the room. Guilty I bent down and picked up the photos and stacked them neatly where they originally were.

“I’m here to see … the veil,” I told her as I pointed to the front window.

“Ah, yes of course,” she said as she led me to a back room. We reached the room where there sat a table covered with a thick black cloth. Something about it seemed familiar.

We walked in further and she asked me to sit. I did slowly while watching what she was doing.  She pulled out candles and set them up. They seemed to light on their own! The room was now caught up in a soft glow.

“Here we will see the veil, only if you must see. Only if you believe,” she said with her back turned towards me. She faced me again and this time held a camera.  The camera was old and I only recognized it from history books.

I shivered as she came closer. “Stand and lie on the table, nothing bad will happen.” I did as she said and as I did my bones shook. I was terrified for reasons unknown to me.  My body lay still on the table and she spoke words I didn’t understand, to people who weren’t in the room.

“Close your eyes now,” she instructed. I did. I heard a click and a pop and opened them suddenly.  This time I was on my feet, without knowing how I got there.

I looked around the room and the woman was gone. I was alone in the room now with no one to tell me what happened.  The woman was not around to instruct me on what to do now. Confusing swept over me. I closed my eyes and heard a sound. I listened closer. Voices. There were people talking that I couldn’t see.

Then before I could figure it out, a light turned on and all the candles blew out. The woman now stood in front of me holding on thing in her hand, a photograph.

I hesitantly walked forward and took it out of her hands. She smiled and I was on my way out the door through the store and back on the street before I could say goodbye.

The sunlight hit my eyes and made them burn. I shielded the sun and looked down upon the picture. It was of me, floating above the very table where she made me lay. I was floating and just before the photo dried, I saw what I came to see, the hands of the dead lifting me off of the table. The veil between the living and the dead was shown to me in a photograph. A photograph that I knew would end up in a pile on her desk as I threw it on the ground and ran as far away from the shop as I could.

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