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High Risk LoveHigh Risk Love

Author: Shannon Mayer
Rating: 4 out of 5 
Genre: Romance
Format: Ebook
Publisher: HiJinks Ink Publishing
Release Date: July 1, 2013
Recommended Reading: 18+ for adult situations, sexual situations and language

Heart shape kissing lipsHeart shape kissing lipsHeart shape kissing lipsHeart shape kissing lips

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OVERALL THOUGHTS: A good story with well developed characters.  Right from the beginning you get to know the heart wrenching details of the heroine’s past.  I teared up at a few parts throughout the book.  The characters are interesting even if the story follows a fairly generic romance plot line.

[note color=”#fccff9″]SYNOPSIS:


Images. Snapshots in time.

This is how I experience my life. I’ve hidden behind my camera and viewed the world through the lens. I watch other people live their lives. I’ve given up on my dreams, and sheltered my heart from love; because both have given me nothing but pain. Even thinking about opening myself up, sends my fears into overdrive. It’s better to be safe, than to take a risk and have your life shattered into pieces alongside your heart. This is what I believed.


Risks. Fear Nothing.

I live for the rush of adrenaline I get when I work my stunts. Nothing else matters but the feel of my heart pounding when I challenge the line between life and death. Women are nothing more than a distraction; they use me for my connections, as I use them to escape the pain of my past before moving on to my next adrenaline fix. My life is consumed with excitement, danger and risks–it’s all I needed.


Fear. The complete wrong time.

Jasmin and Jet will face off over photos, stunts and the truth hidden in their hearts. The last person Jasmin wants to be with is a man who takes life for granted. Jet wants to give his heart to no one; especially one who might not understand the secrets that haunt him. Despite their protests, Jasmin’s and Jet’s lives tangle; the threads of love and fear bind them. Between their passions and their pasts, they fight to hang onto each other . . . but will the stakes be too high when faced with the ultimate sacrifice?


THE LOWDOWN: Our sassy heroine, Jasmin, has lost her entire family and has found herself in financial straits.  She gets a job with a magazine taking photos and writing articles.  So basically a job that would be a dream come true for many, just sort of falls in her lap.  Not very believable, but hey it’s romance.  Jet has an abusive past and a brother who is no longer speaking to him, so takes his anger and aggression out on the set performing jaw dropping stunts for the big screen.  A bit more believable since Jet has had formal training. Jasmin’s first assignment is to photograph and interview Jet.  There is instant attraction but also tension because Jasmin is not allowed to fraternize with the people she is sent to interview.  The plot is typical but the characters are interesting enough to keep me reading.

I had two issues with the story. The first was that the author failed to do her research.  I would have liked to see more technical descriptions of what Jasmin did to take her breathtaking photos and how Jet set up his stunts.  I’m not saying authors should write a “How To” manual into their stories but just a few lines would have made the story more believable.  The second issue I had was that Jasmin is supposedly a naturally amazing photographer, but also a crazy good singer.  I know, we have all met those sickeningly sweet beautiful women who seem to be good at everything they do, and I for one have a hard time not hating those perfect bitches.  But come on, singing and photography take a lot of work. Many women try for years to be successful in either one of these fields and never get recognized, and our heroine gains success with seemingly very little effort.  It’s just not realistic, but hey its romance.

Final Thoughts: Go on and read it. The story and characters aren’t bad.  Just remember that it’s a fluff novel so realism is not the top priority.

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