Breaking Dawn Part 1

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When I read “Breaking Dawn” I was flabbergasted…how could a book possibly be so horrible. I’ll be honest I hated the book with a passion, so when the films began to come out I myself was curious as to how they were even going to manage making Breaking Dawn a movie. Well Hollywood solved the conundrum for me….make two movies. I had serious issues with this, I mean if you’ve read the book then you know the plot is:

  • Edward and Bella get married
  • Edward and Bella have sex
  • Bella gets pregnant and almost dies
  • Bella becomes a vampire and has the weirdest little kid ever
  • The volturi find out
  • The Volturi show up
  • The Cullens and the Volturi “talk”
  • The Volturi leave and everyone lives happily ever after

It only took 8 bullet points to describe the plot of the book, so why on earth did there need to be two movies? Because Bill Condon is awesome that’s why! Breaking Dawn Part 1 was far better than I could’ve ever imagined. For the first time I think whoever is the head honcho in charge of the the twilight world decided to take it seriously and the film that was created was beautifully done.

The film itself mostly stayed true to the books, in that they didn’t leave anything out. But because the book was lacking in action the director and writers added in an entire fight sequence towards the end. My question on this was why didn’t Stephanie Meyer write this into the book in the first place!! It was spectacular. The CGI work on the wolves was beautiful and as I’ve stated before it’s always nice to see the Cullens acting like proper vampires and throwing down. I LOVED it!

As for the acting it was leaps and bounds better than it had ever been. I’m a die-hard Volturi fan personally, but watching Robert Pattinson’s performance of Edward in this film made my little heart flutter. He as so believable as new groom, new husband, and terrified father – amazing! And Taylor Lautner who I think has struggled through the entire franchise is responsible for the most epic explosion of tears I’ve had publicly to date. The raw emotion displayed over Bella’s apparent death – beautiful! And even Kristen Stewart did well. Not as well as the guys, but she did at least seem to be putting in some effort this time around.

Of course everyone was waiting for Bella’s wedding dress and personally I thought it was just okay. I realized when I saw the engagement ring that Stephanie Meyer approved there was no hope I’d be happy – I thought it was hideous. But the dress itself suited Ms. Stewart nicely and even though at the time we didn’t know it- it is the only hope we have for a Kstew RPattz wedding photo op…but that’s for the next review 😉 And then there was the honeymoon. It was…a very nice PG-13 sex scene all mostly in flashback and they were all mostly clothed. I think it was a little lackluster compared to what was implied in the book, but that’s just me personally.

The film stopped at the midway point of the book as expected. Even though the film wasn’t completely accurate to the book, overall it was pretty awesome! I can say with confidence Breaking Dawn part 1 is the first time I’ve ever liked the movie more than I liked the book!

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