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When the time came for Breaking Dawn part 2 to come out in theaters, I’m pretty sure a good half of the twilight fans that had been excited about it the year before…weren’t anymore. 2012 was not a good year for Twlight fans. Lets be honest finding out that Kristen Stewart was cheating on Robert Pattinson was basically the worst thing that could ever happen to the franchise and even though the fandom cracked apart, the film didn’t suffer too terribly much.

It picked up right were the first part left off- Bella woke up a brand new baby vampire and she was loving it! I have to say this was the only time I ever found Bella a bit tolerable. She was fun to watch on her first hunt. Even more fun to watch beating up Jacob for imprinting, and rather enchanting to watch taunting Jane with her not so impressive shield powers (I’ll explain later). It was a short-lived victory, the Volturi found out about the baby and they were on the way. So what do the Cullens do? Call all their friends of course! This was what I hated about the books – they introduced like 300 new characters in maybe 4 chapters and the film was no different. All of the new vampires had their own unique abilities all more impressive than anything we’d seen before. I mean that one guy could control the elements! How handy is that, but I digress. I won’t spoil the end for you, but it was pretty awesome!

As far as accuracy to the books…it wasn’t at all. But I don’t think Twilight fans were particularly upset or surprised by it. I mean one would have to try to have a more anticlimactic ending than that of Breaking Dawn and the filmmakers understood that so they threw in one massive epic of scene that threw it all off completely. But it was well worth it! Once again I ask why didn’t Stephanie Meyer write this out in the first place it would’ve been a better book!

This film was weaker than its predecessor in that the transitions weren’t as smooth, but it was a good film over all. I’m honestly not a Kristen Stewart hater I promise, but I still feel like she had the weakest performance once again. She was the least convincing parent in the film, she really seemed to have phoned it in, especially in comparison to Rob. He was such an adorable father that I was so disappointed to see that she didn’t measure up. And I can’t not talk about Michael Sheen in this one. His performance of Aro across the board has been amazing, but in this one we saw how truly insane he was. Like seriously that cackle! What was that!!

Overall it was a very close to the saga regardless of how bad the PR around it was. And in just a few short weeks the super Blu-ray set will be out and we can relive all the amazing twilight memories we had…until catching fire comes out 😉

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