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Its November again, peeps. To any current and would be authors, that means one thing: NaMoWriMo. What is this strange anagram, you ask? I attempted to follow through with it last year, the writer’s challenge to write a novel in one month. Sounds impossible, you say? I thought so too. In fact, I failed to finish writing my novel that month, but it triggered a very important project. I might never have picked up that dusty old manuscript from ’09 if not for NaMoWriMo.

If you’ve never looked into the writer’s challenge, I’d encourage you to do so. Many other authors I’ve known have stood up to the challenge. They aren’t always good enough to publish at the end of that month, but more than a couple of sleeper hits emerged from the “call to pen.” One thing I love about the website, besides the quirky e-mails addressed to you from your novel, is the camaraderie between writers. They encourage you to donate to the cause, sure, but I love the sense of unity you feel when getting those little notes in your inbox. Often times they’re from fellow authors, pushing and commiserating with you as you continue the journey.

Vynasha was one of four different major projects/series I drafted starting around 2008. But this Beauty and the Beast retelling was somewhat nearer and dearer to my heart, possibly because of the subject matter. I plan on revisiting all of these aforementioned mystery projects. They’re partially written drafts collecting dust but the ideas still feel fresh enough to bring to life.

When NaNoWriMo came around last year, I decided to revise what I had written of my old draft, and continue to carry out the story where writer’s block forbade me step before. It went pretty well in the beginning, though I was still stumped on where to take my main character once she met the beast. I never received a badge or was able to enter the final rounds of the challenge, but it gave me the incentive to push myself harder than before.

This month, I’ve decided to write Wolfsbane’s Daughter, the companion novella to Vynasha. While I’m waiting on getting the last pieces of the first novel together, I want to expand on a little subplot. In Wolfsbane’s Daughter we learn about the origins of, you guessed it, Wolfsbane and his daughter, Resha. They begin their journey as you were able to sneak a peek last week, searching the forest for their mortal enemy. Resha’s story begins with tragedy and becomes a mission of vengeance. I’m pretty certain this will remain a novella, and therefore not technically following the NaMoWriMo parameters. But I’m hoping maybe, just maybe, it will give me a head start. And who knows, I might actually finish a novel this go round.

So have a gander and try it for yourself, whether you’ve published ten novels or started zero in your mind. You never know what might spring from your imagination. Good luck! To learn more, visit the link:

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