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It seems like forever and a day ago we were all anxiously awaiting the release of the third film installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The reviews for its predecessor had been lack luster, and to be honest New Moon was totally the awkward sophomore effort that a lot of people really didn’t like anyway so we were all ready for round three!

It certainly didn’t disappoint. Eclipse was the action packed junior effort of Stephanie Meyer and company. It follows Edward and Bella once more. They finally got back together after about half a year apart and marriage is all Mr. Cullen can think about, whereas his other half’s mind is planted solidly in the bedroom 😉 And of course we can’t forget about the unlucky best friend Jacob who is still pining for Bella. The story focuses on Victoria’s efforts to kill Bella, this time with an army of newborn and uncontrollable vampires that are wreaking havoc on Seattle and the quaint town of Forks! Will the Cullens be able to defeat them? Will the Volturi get wind of all the craziness happening? I’m not telling 😛 Read the Book or see the movie.

I can tell you that in terms of a book turned into film it was a very solid effort. The film hit on all the major high points of the books and it strayed very little. It even goes on to incorporate the plot line from Stephanie Meyer’s short Novella “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”- a nice quick read that offers another perspective on the events in Eclipse.

 In usual fashion, the acting was semi-decent. Kristen Stewart constant blinking and slightly awkward performance was back in full force, but in the more romantic scenes she seemed to have the tiniest spark of emotion which was a nice departure from what we are used to. Robert Pattinson was his same usual slightly sad vampire, but his moments of happiness in this film actually made a team Edward fan out of me. And then there is Taylor Lautner. He gets an “A” for effort but he is not exactly a convincing leading man and the kiss he shares with Kristen Stewart is one of the most awkward and painful things I’ve seen in film in a long time.

Despite a less than stellar acting job from the entire cast it is a very entertaining film! The action might actually compel a guy to sit through it… maybe. The parts with the wolves and Cullens fighting together offered some beautiful CGI work and let’s be honest it’s always nice to see the Cullens throwing down together J So even though the film wasn’t the best I’d still highly recommend it… in fact I’m watching it right now…oh the memories!

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