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Some of life’s biggest trials seem to happen around the Holidays. Finding solid writing time becomes nearly impossible, while other times late-night stints are a welcome distraction from the usual chaos. I signed up for “NaMoWriMo”, but saw little fruit from my lofty goals. Sometimes, even when you start out with the best of intentions, there’s just not enough time in real life to spend on your passions. Every year I look forward to the extra free time so I can catch up on projects. Or in my case, finally bring my focus back around to my writing career.

Besides the added stress that surrounds presents and cantankerous family members, there are some things you aren’t ever prepared for. This year, something happened with my family that you can’t call anything but a tragedy. I was quickly reminded that family truly is the most important thing in our lives, the one thing you can never replace.

I still published my new novel, Vynasha, three days before Thanksgiving. But my heart and excitement wasn’t into it this time. Ironically enough, the medium I’d used last year to escape from my family, left me feeling empty. Because when things like this happen, career and ambitions fall slightly to the wayside. What seems paramount becomes almost obsolete.

Things have finally calmed down enough, in the lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas that I’ve been able to refocus. But I haven’t forgotten that, no matter if I ever become more well-known beyond my small Indie fan base, I already possess the most important things. Family. Love. Home.

So even though you may find yourselves exhausted or annoyed by your loved ones, savor every moment you have with them. We’re all only here a short while on this earth. Let’s make the time we spend with one another the best of times.

To learn more about Vynasha and my new, darker fairy-tale series, Wylder Tales, visit my website:

Young girl at home, christmas story, vector

Young girl at home, christmas story, vector

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