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Author: George R.R. Martin
4 out of 5
Release Date: 3/4/2003
Recommended ReadingAGE+ 18 

SYNOPSIS: As the War of the Five Kings rages on in Westeros, the men of the Wall, in the north, are dealing with the threat of a wildling attack and the walking dead, Daenerys is struggling with betrayal and deceit from her own counsel as she tries to build an army strong enough to conquer her rightful claim to the 7 kingdoms.

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THE LOWDOWN: As I said in my review of A Game of Thrones, everyone dies.  After reading A Clash of Kings, this book was slow to grab me.  It took almost 300 pages before I was sucked in, but by the end I wasn’t ready to put it down. It is 1200 pages of WTF!?! Just when you think he is done slaughtering the world, he kills one more character you didn’t realize you would miss.

His prose is eloquent as always, guiding my imagination through a world I could not even begin to imagine on my own.  The level of detail, though tedious at times, lends to a picture that I drift off into and get lost in every time I pick up the book.  His realistic character portrayal is even more complex by this point in the story.  There is deceit, betrayal, unexpected honor, and unbelievable truths that have turned my expectations around completely.  What do you mean this antagonist is kind and gentle to his enemy?  And that woman killed her husband and lied about it?  That family betrayed the king? But it is all so convoluted and far from what I expected!  Nothing is going as I planned.  But that is your plan Mr. Martin, isn’t it?  You want me to read book four because I’m shocked by what you’ve done in book three.  Well, alright then, I’m in.  Just stop killing everyone I love! Or not, keep killing everyone, I’ll read the books anyway.

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