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Fifteen Minutes of Shame Book Cover Fifteen Minutes of Shame
Lisa Daily

SYNOPSIS: Darby Vaughn is a relationship expert who makes the talk show rounds telling single girls how to date well and find a husband. Off camera, Darby is married to her charming and successful publicist husband, Will, and is a happy stepmother to his two children from a previous marriage. Everything is going as planned until Will unexpectedly and very publicly dumps Darby. The fallout of her televised humiliation means not only does she have to deal with the destruction of her family, she also has to re-build her credibility as an expert in dating and love.

OVERALL: If you’re preparing your favorite canvas tote (or life proofed e-reader) for spring break at the beach, then Fifteen Minutes of Shame is the sort of frothy, predictable, mind-candy that you can happily include in the to-be read stack. It meanders in places, but overall it’s a fun read with moments of provocative observation and you can probably finish it in just enough time to get a great base tan.=

THE LOWDOWN: It took me several chapters to invest in Darby Vaughn as a character. Until she gets jilted by her husband, Darby isn’t anyone I know. Other than a fit of paranoia in the beginning, she’s living the good (and dull) life until things go upside down. She get more interesting when she goes into damage control, but only marginally so. But, just when I was about to write this one off for too much fluff, Darby gives thought, real thought, to how she’s come to her current place in life and that is where she got me on her side. The fear and the doubt that so many of us type A’s have can be crippling in a lot of subtle ways and Lisa Daily, and Darby, don’t shy away from the brutal truths of a control freak. Those moments of unapologetic honesty make the entire story worth it and better than just literary cotton candy.

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