Author Spotlight: Michele Wolfe

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Michele Wolfe has a novel releasing this spring and we wanted to introduce your to her and give this amazing author a little deserved attention! So check her personal story out and say hi!

Michele Wolfe


Headshot 3 CUTGrowing up between the Rocky Mountains and the city of Denver in Colorado, gave me a life-long love of both. I suspect my experiences were similar to others my age then; summers in one-piece bathing suits; bicycle riding without a helmet; vacationing in the family station wagon; skiing down the local mountains.  I was lucky enough to be the spoiled youngest of three girls and supported by friends and a loving extended family.

I loved drama, singing, gymnastics and ice skating. And I was never without a good book, no matter where I went. Soon after finishing college and becoming a teacher, I decided I wanted to explore the world.  I took long road trips, spent time at Martha’s Vineyard, and fell in love with the ocean and California, which eventually became my home.

Four years after moving to Los Angeles, I discovered two things that changed my life. My husband was the first. We fell in love hard and fast. Twenty-two years later, we are fully, after a lot of hard work, co-dependent and co-evolved, and very happy about both. The second discovery was a passion for teaching adults English as a Second Language in a poor immigrant community in East L.A. I’m still there, too.

My husband and I have two handsome boys, Caleb Justus and Joshua William.  They are our pride and joy.  Caleb is in the Army and Joshua is finishing high school.  And I should mention our ‘girl’ Sophie, who loves running to and fro on our walks, dancing in the kitchen, her tail-wagging in joy.

Being a busy teacher, mother and wife made finding time to write a challenge. When I started my first novel, there was no space in our little home to write except at the kitchen table. I diligently carved out time on the weekends and eventually took my laptop to coffee shops and writers’ groups to finish it.

When writing, I let the story and characters come to me in their own time, in their own way. I am inspired by music and art, which often influence a scene or a conversation in my stories.  I hope my writing inspires others and makes people think and feel. And of course be entertained.

I am working on my next novel, also about a work of art, this time a painting at the Museum of Modern Art in Rome. I am currently submitting two short stories as well to literary magazines.


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In The Three Graces, college juniors Jessie, Isabel and Sara are linked in an unlikely friendship by visits to hidden places only they can see. Together on a trip to Hearst Castle in California, an earth-shaking encounter with a stunning statue in the gardens binds them to the spirits of the Three Graces; Brilliance, Joy and Bloom.

Under the weight of school and family problems, the girls grow to be fast friends as they struggle with who they are and what direction they should go in life. Through the gift of pendants, The Graces seem to guide them, but will they be able to help the girls overcome all the roadblocks along the way? Brilliance, Joy and Bloom have always connected with those who need the most help, but will the three visitors to the castle unlock the secret of their own past and free the Graces from the statue?

The Three Graces is a story of discovery, of admitting to truths that have been buried, and of letting go of a past that hinders the present. It is a story about choices: life or death, fear or desire, dreams or drudgery.

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