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A Dance with Dragons Book Cover A Dance with Dragons
Game of Thrones
George R. R. Martin
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SYNOPSIS: Following the death of Tywin Lannister, Tyrion has fled to Pentos where he learns that Daenerys is a reality and the dragons are not some sailors’ stories. Meanwhile, a long-lost Targaryen is discovered, Dorne’s plots to help Daenerys are revealed, and Jorah Mormont tries to get back to his beloved queen of dragons. Then Jon deals with the wildlings and Stannis Baratheon, Victarion Greyjoy tries to make his way to Slaver’s Bay to ask Daenerys for her hand, and Theon Greyjoy provides his insight into the plots of the north men who abandoned Robb’s cause and sold him out to the Lannisters.  Arya continues her lessons in Braavos, while Jaime and Cersei catch us up on their dramas.  The kingdom is suffering greatly and is ripe for the conquest, a concept Dany hopefully sees soon.

THOUGHTS: And here is the worst part about finishing the most recent book in a series; I have to wait for the next one.  The cliffhangers are driving me insane.  So I will share all this with you. A Dance with Dragons begins paralleling A Feat for Crows.  It covers characters that we haven’t seen or heard from since A Storm of Swords. Then some characters disappear, others reappear, and the story ends with an exclamation point, a giant question mark, and a big F U to George R. R. Martin for not finishing book 6 yet!

Okay, rant done.  What did I love? The complexity of the deceit and plotting is much akin to what actually took place in Medieval Times.  And that is just in Westeros, that doesn’t even factor in what Daenerys is dealing with in Slaver’s Bay.  Sometimes I think a road map might help something to track who is stabbing whom in the back. At least he is kind enough to put a lineage directory in the back of each book to keep track of who the characters are.

But seriously, the details that this man dreams up are phenomenal! It is so unlike anything else I’ve ever read that I wonder, for hours at a time, how he comes up with all of this.  By the end of A Dance with Dragons, the cast has almost changed in its entirety.  There are close to 40 characters that have leant their own perspective to the story, and over 2000 characters that have been named and included in the tale. And after all this, around 300 named characters have been killed, including 7 main perspective characters, ranging in importance from Ned Stark to some ranger of the Night’s Watch that has a name no one can remember. You would think, after losing Ned, Robb, Tywin, and innocents like Lady the dire wolf, we readers could handle anything. But, alas, when another beloved character is added to that ever-growing list, we are stunned into silence and quietly weep in the corner while wondering why we put ourselves through this torture.

And one last note, I know, I know, what else could I have to say? Just this, don’t believe Facebook memes. I don’t hate Daenerys, yet.

Slow to grab my interest, as seems to be the norm, this, like those that came before it, sucked me in, chewed me up, and spit me out. Proceed with caution. The wait for book 6 will seem interminable, and I’ve only been waiting a few weeks.

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