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Reborn Book Cover Reborn
The Fetish Queen
Nicole Camden
Romance (Erotic?)
Pocket Star

SYNOPSIS: Newly single and loving every minute, Lille—a.k.a. the Fetish Queen—is unleashed and ready to dominate in the first chapter of the sexy, enticing Fetish Queen series.

Blond, buxom, and bold, pin-up girl Lillehammer Marceaux can get any man she wants, but she leaves her fiancé to move to Florida and run a sex shop called The Fetish Box, owned by her best friend. She immediately clashes with Max Jobman, the rough-hewn tattooed Irishman who owns the local pub. Not a very trusting man, Max is convinced she’s a spoiled beauty who’ll stay just long enough to find a rich husband. He quickly learns that Lille isn’t interested in a husband; she’s focused on making the business a success—but that doesn’t stop her from thinking about what an excellent lover Max will make…

What neither Max nor Lille realizes is that her efforts to become the Fetish Queen, which include making a type of reality show, have caught the attention of a dangerous figure from Lille’s past. Will her troubled past come back and drag her down, or will the Fetish Queen get her way?

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The Fetish Queen, Part One: Reborn, is the first of three novels (reviews for two and three will be up shortly) and I really liked it. I am looking forward to reading the next two. The thing is,  if I want to know what happens to Lille and her friends I don’t have much of a choice. This is definitely a series. It’s the kind of series that flows into to the next one because the next book starts at the end of the previous one. Lille’s story is compelling so I didn’t mind and I don’t think you will either.

THE LOWDOWN: I liked this book for several reasons. The first being the story. It’s really well thought out. She left nothing to question, but she didn’t nit-pick every single detail. It wasn’t tedious to learn the facts, because they were written in seamlessly. Second, It’s obvious that Camden put a lot of thought into how each character’s personality would be shaped by their past. Everyone has one, and as we all know, most of them aren’t pretty. Life experiences shape people. They make you who you are, so it was extremely refreshing to find these pieces written into the characters of an Erotic novel. If you’ve ever read any of my other reviews, you know that balance is really important to me when reading erotic fiction. It has to have elements of story telling, not just page after page of sex. This is where the book lost its 5th star. It’s got story. It’s got sex. It just doesn’t have much sex.

FINAL THOUGHTSThe gist is… definitely read this book (I’ll get back to you about the other two) but don’t go into it expecting many hot sex scenes. The scene that’s there is hot and the tension that leads up to it works, I just wouldn’t have placed this book in the erotic genre. Great start to a series though.

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