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Raise your hand if you’ve read monster erotica… anyone… anyone? Okay, you don’t have to admit it but I know some of you have because the sales for some of these books are through the roof. And I would be remiss if I didn’t ask, what’s the catch? What am I missing?

 So I did ask because I’m never remiss (insert eye roll) and guess what? No one could tell me because, again, no one is willing to admit to reading them. Instead of honesty, I got a belly laugh and a chaste reaction. Always followed by a lean in, hand under chin, tell me more, response. A feigned distaste wrapped in intrigue.

Well, a response like that deserves our attention so our first stop was, the newly launched Boudoir Books who have made a point to lead with some juicy monster erotica. We asked them if they could enlighten our readers— and me because I’m dying to know everything about sex with creatures— how exactly that works! Boudoir, being as awesome as they are, came back to us with a resounding, YAY! and sent us a couple of Jasmine Rose betas.

First, we are going to interview the darling Midwestern to Las Vegas transplant and then later on in the week, we will review a couple of her books. But if you’re curious and you have Kindle Unlimited, read them for free and then let US know your thoughts. Maybe we do a giveaway? Hmmmmm….

Welcome to Gliterary Girl and let me start off by saying, thank you for giving us some insight into this very specialized genre, monster erotica. Is it kink?

Well, thank you and does this make me a Gliterary Girl?

Ummm. Absolutely!

Fabulous. So to answer your question narrowly. Then yes it’s kink. However, broadly? It’s kink but it’s not traditional kink like BDSM because it can’t be recreated in the real world. Yes, people can role play and I certainly hope they do but there is no real wolfman, so it’s more fantasy than anything. However, there are so many kink aspects within the novel itself, which does make it more largely kink focused.

Why monsters?

Well, I’ve always wanted to write erotica (I write mystery normally but… shh) and I thought how fun would it be to go full-on sex fantasy fiction. Of course, there are the standard billionaire and alpha tropes, but why not make the billionaire, alpha also a wolfman? The possibilities are endless with monster erotica. There are no limitations and they aren’t long books so they don’t need a lot of fleshing out. Pardon the pun.

Are you going to do other erotica novellas?

Most definitely. I have three more in this collection. The Mummy, Dracula and The Invisible Man, but I plan on doing other genres too (within erotic fiction).

Why would I want to read something about a Swamp Thing having sex? I mean swamp water and bacteria

Hahaha. Fair enough, but you’d read it because the story is good and sometimes weird can be sexy. Also, it’s dirty and fun and it doesn’t take itself seriously. Can it when it’s genre is titled monster erotica? But on a deeper level, it really explores the idea that we love, love. We are attracted to chemistry and passion not always the way that person looks. It’s about how they make you feel. And it’s taboo. Human nature is always drawn, in some ways, to things that go outside of the status quo. But this is nothing new. We’ve been watching/reading monster love stories forever. Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, Wolf, King Kong, The Shape of Water, Creature from the Black Lagoon and so many more. This time we just get a more intimate look at what we already suspected was lying just beneath the surface.

So how dirty do you get?

It’s descriptively and deliciously dirty. But in levels. I started out on this journey really exploring how kinky I wanted to take it. Each character really has a level of sensuality and I tried to explore that organically. For instance, Frankenstein is a strong brooding (grunting actually) beast who isn’t much with words but he’s great with his big hands and the woman really holds the power there. But with the wolfman, I was really able to explore the idea that he’s changing from a gentleman to a ravenous beast that wants to consume everyone and everything. This was a chance to really delve into the darker sides of my mind. I took him to places that really pushed limits. He’s dark to Frankie’s light and  Swampie falls somewhere in between. That’s really how I scaled them.

So, Jasmine Rose, that’s quite the name but let me say, you’re no damsel. How do you design your characters because they’re so strong?

I don’t design them, the story goes where the words take me. No, really I create women and men and monsters that I can be proud of. They’re imperfectly perfect and above all willing to explore their sexuality without all of the insecurity and trepidation that people generally (myself included) succumb to. How would a heroine or hero have sex? Without any reservations and they would be willing to do anything and everything to make themselves better more explorative humans. That’s ridiculous, of course, but it’s fiction after all and it’s monster erotica at that.

Well done Jasmine, well done! I can’t wait to tell everyone how I felt about the book. Anything about you that you want to tell people. Favorite animals, people, books, food?

Ha! All of the above. No, I love animals something fierce but I have two giant Irish Wolfhounds, Mac and Cheese (seriously)  and three goldfish. I moved to Vegas a while ago and so my favorite food is everything since we have such an amazing culinary scene here. People? I love my mom and dad who are still together after thirty years. I hope that one day I’ll feel comfortable enough to share my work with them. Lol. And a favorite book? Well, that’s crazy. I can’t choose one. But I love science fiction… shhh don’t tell anyone.

The Monster Mash Me Collection

Offered to Frankenstein
Offered to Frankenstein
On Sale April 3rd
It’s rumored that a horrible monster lives within the dilapidated rubble of Castle Frankenstein. One of intimidating mass and voracious appetite. But when the creature attacks the neighboring village, the townsfolk are left quivering in fear. To protect the town, the Constable suggests they offer up a sacrifice to sate the cravings of the beast. Who better to splay before the monster than Elsa, the same beauty who has turned down the Constables many advances? Thrust before the imposing creature, Elsa finds herself drawn to his larger than life... attributes. Can this beauty tame the beast? Or will she lose herself in his throbbing appeal?
Taken By the Swamp Thing
Taken By the Swamp Thing
On Sale April 3rd
Arielle is dreading her arranged marriage. Her soon-to-be husband is twice her age with an imposing girth... and not in the fun way. Eager to escape the man she has no desire to wed or bed, she escapes to the swamps in hopes of swimming away from her troubles. There, she encounters a creature believed to be a myth. One dripping with manly appeal and gifted with enticing... attributes. Arielle finds herself drawn to the rhythm of his siren song, and discovers scales are quite the aphrodisiac. Once you go fish, they'll be your only wish. Now, a seaweed lasso has ensnared her heart, tugging her back to the creature from the deep. Will quivering eggs of love hatch in her heart, or will the stifling net of life force her back to the world above?
Taming the Wolfman
Taming the Wolfman
On Sale April 3rd
Caleb can’t claim an ounce of satisfaction in his humdrum life. His wife is a cheating sow, which makes every moment in her presence deplorable. After yet another fight, he takes a walk to cool off... and instead finds himself thrust into a primal scene straight out of his darkest fantasies. The lusty night he spends with a mysterious stranger ends with a promise to reunite... and a bite. As Caleb waits for his dream woman to reappear, he finds himself growing stronger and ravenous for far more than any meal could sate. And he isn’t the only one who has noticed his beastly transformation. For the first time in years he has his wife’s full... and panting attention. Was there more to his one-night lover’s plan than adding another pup to her pack? Or is this Wolfman in for a hair-raising adventure that will leave him howling?
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