The Monster Mash Me Collection: a Review

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Offered to Frankenstein, Taken by the Swamp Thing, Taming the Wolfman
The Monster Mash Me Collection
Jasmine Rose
Erotic Romance
Boudoir Books
March - April 2020
Amazon - Kindle Unlimited and Kindle

From author Jasmine Rose, comes a hot new series that takes your favorite literary monsters and brings them to light... a new and sexy light. In this multi-book series, The Monster Mash Me Collection, monsters become the alpha fantasy that the heroines (or heroes) can't resist. Dirty, sultry, at times funny and often taboo, this collection will satiate even the most hungry of readers.

If you're looking for a sweet romance... this isn't for you. If you want a read that will make you have to stop and change certain garments in between chapters, scoop this baby up quick!

Offered to Frankenstein

Taken by the Swamp Thing

Taming the Wolfman - Release Date 4/23/20



Last week we interviewed monster erotica author Jasmine Rose about the genre that has swept the erotica world of books and we promised a review of the galleys for The Monster Mash Me Collection. Boudoir, the romance publishing imprint provided us with two recently released stories and one pre-sale and normally we would review them one at a time, but because they’re short stories, we are going to give you our two cents about the whole lot.

So, you’re probably wondering why the heck I gave the collection a five-star rating… it’s basically erotic trash! But yes, it is and it’s great fun too. I have to be honest, I loved them all. Yes, there were problems but for fifty or so pages of monster bedroom romps (mostly not in bed), I couldn’t have cared less. I’m grading this on expectation and this exceeded mine. So let’s dig in, shall we?

There is no sequential order to these books other than their release date. They do not play on one another, no intermingling monster love so you can pick up any of the stories and not miss a thing. Also, and I should note this clearly, THESE ARE SHORT STORIES! Short, sweet and oh so erotic, but at differing levels.

For instance, Offered to Frankenstein although not tame by my grandma’s standards, is much less sexually explicit than Taming the Wolfman and Swamp Thing falls somewhere in between. They all don’t have the same length so be aware that while one is about fifty pages another may be about eighty.

I felt confident that Jasmine wouldn’t spoil this hot feeling growing inside by creating a diseased swamp monster so I tackled Taken by the Swamp Thing one next. She found that sweet spot without being too serious and that’s why I’m consistently surprised by The Monster Mash Me Collection. Who’da thunk it possible to take a scaled man-beast that resides in swamp water and turn him the sexy alpha hero?

Now, let me be clear, this one is more sensual than I expected and it definitely would have been great as a full length because there was so much depth to the story but it worked as a short story too. The same quippy narrative that provided Frankenstein with some lol moments was present in Swamp but the story also touched on some serious issues about control and the dark side of subservience.

Now onto the last of the collection (so far) Taming the Wolfman and let me preface this with a warning; this book is not for the sexually faint of heart. It is heat level furnace and it will knock your underwear off. The story is not as quippy as the other two and it’s about twice as long. The main character is struggling with a lot and he screws his way through his issues. The narration follows a man so there is a darker element to the characters and the storyline. Several scenes will definitely offend the prude, but let me buttress that with… it’s hot.

I can’t guarantee you will love this genre but I can promise you that it’s something you’ve never read before and it’s interesting, short, crazy and sometimes even sweet. If you like your book boyfriends hulking and strong, with an impressive… size, pick The Monster Mash Me Collection today. They’re part of the Kindle Unlimited universe and sell digitally for only 2.99-3.99.

And check back because there are three more to be released in the series and you better believe I will be reviewing those too!

Stay well everyone and stay inside!

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