February launches the beginning of our Young Adult/Adult Fiction book club. For now, every month we will switch between YA and Fiction, until the group gets bigger and requires a dedicated monthly genre.

This club is open to anyone who wishes to join.


  • Register with our site (it’s free!)
  • Purchase or check out the posted book.
  • Check the discussion board FORUM under BOOK CLUB and look the topic listing the current book sign in and introduce yourself.
  • You also notice subtopics that we call chapter check-ins. These are topics set up in the forum  that pertain to a series of chapters.
  • Once you get through those chapters, head back over to the discussion and chime in, or don’t – your choice. Feel free to wait until you have finished the book to give your opinion. The moderator will have questions already set up to lead the conversation, but feel free to ask your own. We love that.
  • After you finish the book, we want to hear from you. Please send us an email via the contact page with a one paragraph critique, your overall perception. You don’t have to do this. It is totally up to you, but we encourage it.
  • At the end of the month, we will create a review for the website with snippets from everyone involved. Please state in your email if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • ENJOY! AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS – The More the Merrier

As the readership rises so will the benefits. Eventually we will invite authors to participate and bring the club meeting to a live chat room. 

The Book Will Be Announced The First of Every Month!


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