writers wantedAre you a writer or reader and want to build a platform for yourself, get advanced copies or just speak your mind about what you love, well we want to hear from you! Gliterary Girl is growing and so are our viewer expectations. In an effort to diversify and give our readers more content, we are looking for occasional and regular contributors. There is no monetary compensation, but as a contributor, your work will gain exposure and be involved in a fantastic creative adventure with other dynamic and like-minded writers. 

Join us on the ground floor because the sky is the limit!

Check out our requirements for submission and contact us to get started.


1) We are a youthful female focused literary publication, so we need contributors who read genres that attract that demographic. ie: YA, Chick-Lit, Crime, Thriller, Epic Romance, Paranormal Romance etc. 

2) Must be a writer OR an avid reader.

3) Experience or expertise in a specific genre. This could mean that you have experience writing for a specific age group/genre, or have extensive knowledge in a specific area. (i.e. you are a sci/fi fantasy buff and could be viewed a knowledgeable resource in the area.)

4) An avid reader who has free time to write detailed and engaging posts/reviews.

5) Self starter with the ability to come up with ideas for interesting topics (You will be responsible for engaging with comments on your specific posts).


  1. Visit the contact page
  2. Check “Contributor”
  3. Tell us about yourself;
  4. What you want to specialize/interested in; AND
  5. What qualifies you. (how much you read, how extensive your collection is etc.)
  6. Your availability to post (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  7. Please include your email address.

If everything fits, we will contact you requesting more information, including:

  1. A writing sample (Don’t worry it isn’t a book report…make it fun) or links (articles, blog posts, short stories, etc…if you don’t have anything, write a short review of 2 books you love or otherwise).

All work will be edited for grammar and content so don’t worry if you are nervous about your ability, but you must have a basic grasp of the vernacular. Also, we provide access to ARC’s so you can read copies before they go on sale!

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